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3D Visualization for your projects

Today, in the age of technology and the Internet, we are here to help our customers use all modern tools to optimize, plan and design their future projects. We help companies and individuals to see how their idea will look at the planning stage.

Our specialization is exterior and interior visualization and 3D space capture. We offer reasonable prices and value customer satisfaction.

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What services we provide:

3D visualization for your future projects outside buildings: decks, sunrooms, roof canopies, gazebos, landscapes, stand-alone objects, and so on.

3D renders for interior design, remodeling, kitchens, bathrooms, any new look to transform your house.

3D capture of existing interiors and exteriors with the ability to navigate freely on them using any device.

We also work with other digital spheres. Developing various directions, we and our partners are still interested in different types of design that contribute to the growth of your business, such as corporate identity, logos, business cards, brochures, websites... 

For example, the customer wants to attach a sunroom to the house. We will need certain photos of the house and a sketch.    Our team will create a 3D model of the house and the future attachment, views from different angles, so the client can evaluate and see the full picture of the end project.

HOME 2_1_2NEW.png
HOME 2_2_2NEW.png

Creating interior 3D renders will help you understand what your future room will be like, which will also help to take into account many construction nuances.

The creation of such renders can be used both when planning a new interior or renovating an existing one.

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How Does Visualization Work?

We can draw whatever you want. The purpose of visualization is to show the customers how their ideas will look in the future, and, with a really good display of the idea, it is easier for them to make a decision when choosing a construction company.


 1. You have a prospective customer who wants an extension to the house. For example, this is a sunroom

2. You can draw the sketch at the location, or the customer has provided it already, or you can choose it from our library


3. For visualization usually, we need two types of information. First: initial data — in this case, it is an existing house, and second — a future object: a sketch of the sunroom


4. It is quite important to take pictures of the existing house from different angles. To recreate the house in a 3D perspective, it will be very useful a large number of photos

HOUSE 4.png

5. By ordering visualization at Erbium Studio and providing it to your client, you get an advantage when the client chooses a contractor!

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Currently, taking into account the events of recent years, the world is slowly moving online. Now technologies are so advanced that 3D space capture is no longer a fantastic technology, but an affordable service for transferring interiors and exteriors online in 3D.

Using special software and equipment, we can transfer existing objects directly to your devices. This service is in among realtors, landlords, and small businesses. You can remotely show objects, describe the subtleties of interiors, even create virtual tours of shops and galleries with the ability to purchase goods

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This is how it works

Abstract Paper Craft
Abstract Paper Craft
White Fabric

And this is a quick demo to get a full picture of what you can get with 3D space capture

For whom these services?

The main focus of Erbium Studio is visualization, 3D rendering, and 3D space capture. Who can benefit from our services?

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for whoom icon1_1.png
Construction Companies and Contractors
houses, offices, commercial construction
for whoom icon2_1.png
Exterior remodeling Companies
sunroom, roof canopy, house extensions, fireplaces, and any types of structures
for whoom icon3_1.png
Interior  remodeling Companies  
remodeling and any kind of living space desing
for whoom icon4_1.png
Kitchen and Bathroom Companies
new kitchen and bathroom creation, remodeling
Landscape design companies
any outdoor living solutions could be visualized
for whoom icon7_1.png
Private individuals,
who want to create preliminary designs inside or outside of their houses. 
for whoom icon5_1.png
Real Estate
floor plans, 3D Space Capture, Real-Estate photo​​
for whoom icon6_1.png
Business owners
cafe, restaurant, any places requiring design planning ​​
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Many of us work in the system “customer - contractor”. When the customer needs services to create, change something, usually, the future appearance is discussed in words, using schemes, etc. But what if the customer can see exactly how his project will look in the future. First, it will give the opportunity to maneuver, the ability to choose and change details at the design stage. And secondly, by providing project visualization, the contractor gets a competitive advantage, allowing successfully concluding a deal.

However, I want to note that our service is still a design service. We create pre-sales renderings to help sales. The engineering design comes at a later stage and the prices there are completely different.

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To order the service, you can contact us directly using the contact information: phone, e-mail, messengers, or you can fill out a special form below:

GET a quote

For convenience, please attach some pictures of your project. It could be photos, sketches,  schemes, and other info for understanding the task.

Also, for renders, you can include in comments the address  of an existing building, we can use media from Zillow and Google maps to reproduce the structure in 3D.

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Erbium Studio

A young, dynamic company with vast experience in the field of graphics and design. Our task is to use the accumulated knowledge and skills in the digital sphere to increase the efficiency of our clients and allow them to keep up with technology.

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